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Randi’s Recommendations: 25 Engagement Tips for 25 days of Christmas

We are so excited to start “Randi’s Recommendations: 25 Engagement Tips for the 25 Days of Christmas!” We will be posting tips on Facebook and Instagram everyday until Christmas. We will also update the tips here everyday in case you miss one.

  1. Celebrate and pop champagne with your new fiancé!
  2. Find a fun and unique way to announce your engagement to all of your friends and family! Those closest to you will want to celebrate this exciting time with you and your new fiance!
  3. Get your ring sized! You will be wearing it and showing it off for a very long time, and you want it to fit perfectly!
  4.  Now that the ring is securely on your finger, get it insured! God forbid something happen to your ring, but in the unlikely chance it does, insuring your ring will alleviate some of the pain in replacing it.
  5. Meet with a few wedding planners and see if the chemistry is right. This is a great way to find your planning “soulmate.” A dynamite planner will be a tremendous resource and will help ease the stress as you move through the planning process. He/she will become your friend, your confidant, your voice of reason, and your comic relief when you need a good laugh.
  6. Be sure to hire a professional. A professional photographer will effortlessly guide you, your wedding party, and your families through all the photos and encourage you to have fun and be yourselves!
  7. Schedule your engagement pictures to be taken as soon as possible! That way, they can be used on your save the date cards and your wedding website.
  8. Determine the parts of your day and/or elements that are most important to you and make a list of the top five things you can’t live without. Are you obsessed with flowers and want your bouquet and table centerpieces to be the main focus of your big day? If so, add it to the list! This list can be as traditional or as nontraditional as you are!
  9. Create a budget for all of your wedding festivities. The top five most important things will help you prioritize where to spend (and save!) your money.
  10. Begin registering for gifts! Your friends and family will not only use your gift registry for the wedding, but also for all of your engagement parties and showers.
  11. Get creative and design your wedding website! A wedding website is an important tool to keep your guests up to date on the details of the big day. The website is also a great place to share your engagement story and photos!
  12. Is decide what season you want to get married in! Love the beauty of spring, or the colors of fall? Select what season the best suits the theme of your wedding. This will help narrow down your specific date and allow you some flexibility with venue availability.
  13. Research area venues for both the ceremony and reception. Venues are typically the first thing booked, especially in big cities like Nashville, so make this a top priority!
  14. Create your guest list! Be sure to enlist the help of both of your families so no one important is left out!
  15.  Once you’ve finalized a date and venue, collect addresses and send out your save the dates
  16. Staying organized is a crucial part of the wedding planning process! Create a binder or day planner to keep everything accessible throughout the planning process. We love this planner by Erin Condren!
  17. it’s time to get creative again! Select a color scheme for both your ceremony and reception!
  18.  Now that we have picked a venue, a date, and a color scheme, select your wedding party and ask them early! Have fun with this step – “Will you be my bridesmaid?” gifts are so much fun to give and receive!
  19. Make a list of the types of food, specialty rentals (furniture, lights, etc.), and music that you and your fiancé enjoy. Your wedding planner will be a huge resource here and will have great recommendations!
  20. Get your trusted friends and family together and go shopping for the perfect dress! Make appointments with a few boutiques and be sure to try on a variety of wedding dress styles and silhouettes. You may be surprised and fall in love with something completely unexpected!
  21. Discuss travel and accommodations with your wedding planner. He/She will be able to help you select a hotel that is convenient for your guests and secure a great rate. Don’t forget – a welcome bag is a great way to make your guests feel special and comfortable in a new city!
  22.  Do you have your heart set on unique transportation for you and/or your guests? Typically, there is a very limited amount of these available within any given city – discuss with your wedding planner and reserve them early!
  23.  Select the type of food service you want at the reception! Formal seated dinners, buffets, and reception style food stations are the most common options. Once this is complete, you and your wedding planner can start working on the floor plan for the reception.
  24. Whether a religious figure or a friend that has been recently ordained for the big day, secure the person that will officially “tie the knot!
  25. Now that you have completed 24 of the most important wedding planning tips, it’s time to relax and enjoy the process!
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